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This Generation Will Defend Our Independence, Active Defense Mobilisation Must Be Intensified-Dr Cho Ayaba




My Fellow Ambazonians,

Every generation has been bestowed with a unique responsibility in the history of their existence. The Endeleys and the Fonchas faced a challenge. They blinked in the face of international manipulation. Had they insisted on their blood for the right of our people to be free, this generation would have been reaping the benefits of their resistance. All other generations that have fought before us were never defeated. They simply blinked first because they had NO PLAN on how to defend the Freedom they fought for. They blinked and integrated into the system of oppressor and began to lecture us about one and indivisible Cameroun; the concept of peace without justice, the right to school without education. The Fonchas and the Munas, once free men and leaders of their own country became puppets within the system they should have resisted. John Fru Ndi won elections against Biya. The loser arrested him and put him under house arrest. Instead of ordering his followers to dismantle the system that had stolen his victory, he asked them to wait for a miracle. Few years down the line, he blinked and integrated into the system. When the SDF won the Victoria Urban Council in 1996 and Njalla Quan was installed, I advised that Njalla Quan should be arrested and Javis installed as Mayor. The SDF blinked and succumbed to illegality.

My fellow Ambazonians,

In the past months, we have observed the dogged determination on the streets of Hong kong. That’s a people with the right to elect their Prime Minister and their own government. We have seen the determination by Scotland to be independent of the United Kingdom. Scotland has a Prime Minister, a parliament it elects, and an independent judiciary tailored according to its realities. In 1776 thirteen British colonies declared independence to form the United States of America. The Americans who declared independence were all Foreigners who had invaded that land and claim it to be their home. In 1776 the British defeated the Americans in the battle of Brooklyn and went ahead to occupy New York and chased the American forces to the fringes of another city. Like we have today in Ambazonia, there were many enablers who supported the British. The Americans prevailed because they never Blinked. We have observed in the past days how those fighting to save our climate are climbing on airplanes, disrupting airports, blocking roads and mobilizing the world for their Cause. This is how people who are thirsty for Freedom should act. Raw determination to end tyranny and oppression and defend with their blood their FREEDOM

Fellow soldiers of our Revolution,

Gorji restored it. Ebong proclaimed it. Sisiku asserted it. This generation has one and only one responsibility; to defend it with their blood so that the next generation will not bleed again. In the coming days, we will be launching a global campaign for the defense of the homeland. Cameroun is defeated but we must take control. We will be asking you across the globe to own a piece of Ambazonia. It will be a chest pin that you will wear on your left chest, close to your heart and as a mark of recognition of your claim to the land of your birth. It will be a grassroots, door to door final mobilization of resources to write Cameroun’sorbituary in our land. We must take drastic measures as other peoples before have done. It may cause more loss of lives, more suffering, and more pain but it will be short and decisive.

God Bless Ambazonia

Dr Cho Ayaba

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