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La Republique Evil Agenda For 15th December, 2017 Exposed








La Republique Evil Agenda For 15th December, 2017 Exposed

BaretaNews, at 9:21pm and 11:54 pm yesterday, 4th December, 2017, received two distressed text messages from two families in Manyu and Menchum Counties of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia respectively, with almost the same contents. From the contents, it would appear that La Rpublique du Cameroun (LRC) plans to fully unveil her genocide agenda on Ambazonia, with particular targets being these two counties on the 15th December, 2017.

The first text message from Manyu read word verbatim as follows;

“Hello Sir, good evening, hope every thing OK? I went 2 de village 2C my parents but unable 2 come back now. Danger, BIR military alover beating fadas & boys. We ran in2 my fada’s cocoa farm 2 hide. 1 of d birs said any body in d village supporting Ambas sh’ld leave bec. they have been ask 2 kill all identified supporters of Ambas or burry them alive on 15 December. Many p’ple have ran in2 d forest. D obasinjom juju cameout in many villages d other day & drew a line that any bir person that cross d line will die. Every body is afraid & some are crossing d river 2 naija. Please tell d world we are in danger. No network to sent u WhatsApp pics, gudnyt”

The second text message from Menchum County was written in pidgin English as follows

“Bro how far? I dey up. e no easy for dis side. mbele guy them don pass inside truck them plenty, I hear say them di go Akwaya for deal with your Amba bros them. This night, news enter quarter say make all man along the road disappear before 15th December because e no go easy from that day. How ur side? Hope say u be save? Ma reme don say make we shake go hide for rice farm house for valley. So man di still calculate whether make I travel back. Boy, make sure say u di sleep with your one eye open ooh. Man no di know which side them fit attack at anytime.”

The above text message in pidgin English is simply saying that trucks loaded with colonial troops were seen headed to Akwaya through Menchum County to deal with Mr. Biya’s purported terrorists, and that information had filtered into the quarters in Menchum for everyone residing along the major roads to leave their homes before the 15th of December, as it will not be easy with them from that day.

The full execution of LRC’s genocide agenda in Ambazonia planned for 15th of December, 2017 is not new to us because, as we write, the carnage is already ongoing in Manyu County. We continue to ALERT the world and especially the UN to rise up to her responsibility of preventing this second genocide in Ambazonia. There shall no be no excuses that they were not alerted.

BaretaNews, also continues to call on the Ambazonians especially those in the diaspora to make calls back home and advised their families residing in unsafe areas to evacuate to safer zones.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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