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Paul Biya has 8 Million “Terrorists” to fight







Ambazonians Response to the Manyu Resistance Ghost town: Paul Biya has Many “Terrorist” to fight.

Civil disobedience in the form of weekly ghost towns operations, which is one of the major Ambazonian revolutionary weapons, is still very strong and potent across towns and cities in Ambazonia, despite the many destabilisation efforts put in place by colonial administrators. Despite the colonialists efforts to force 50 percent of schools in the major cities of Ambazonia to re-open, the ghost towns appear not to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, reports indicate that La Republique’s economy is already feeling the negative effect of the ghosts, as it gradually runs into a crisis. It is just a matter of time and it would soon explode. It is therefore not surprising that, France, one of the architects of the present imbroglio has reportedly pumped in about 47 billion France CFA to rescue the ailing colonial economy. The question is, for how long shall they rescue the limping regime?

Monday, 4, December, 2017, was the first ghost town called by the Interim Government (IG) of Ambazonia since the declaration of war on the people by the colonial master Paul Biya. The people’s total response to the call is testament to the fact that, Mr. Biya has many Ambazonian “terrorists” to fight. Monday’s ghost town was named the Manyu Resistance Ghost town in solidarity with the people of Manyu County, who have been under siege since the said declaration of war.

The total adherence to the IG’s call across Ambazonia should sent a clear message to the colonialists that no Ambazonian is ready to collaborate with them in a second massacre of the people. In the Northern Zone, especially in the main city of Bamenda, the shut down was scary. Same was the case in most towns in the Southern Zone. Even in Buea, where colonial mayor Ekema appear to be gaining some grounds in anti ghost town activities, the Manyu Resistance Ghost town saw many businesses around the molyko neighborhood defying the colonial mayor to still shut down, with Muea, and Mile 16 putting up total resistance as usual.

Monday 4th Bamenda Ghost Towns

BaretaNews considers this a clear message to the octogenarian Paul Biya that the collaboration He and his cohorts have been soliciting from the Ambazonian people to kill their own brothers and sisters shall not be gotten. They will therefore have to treat every Ambazonian on the streets, whether Federalists or Restorationists, as the “terrorists” they are looking for. Are they ready to fight such a war with the people? Except they intend to wipe out this entire revolutionary generation in Ambazonia.

Some antirevolutionary elements have argued that Ghost towns have no negative effect on government, but on Ambazonian citizens who shutdown their businesses for a day without selling or seeking to put food on their tables for a whole day, especially those that depend totally on trading. If one year on, a determined people have chosen to continuously sacrifice some of their daily economic activities to get freedom, then it should sent a clear message to those who care to listen that ghost towns are not considered as economic loses to the people, but as investments in their freedom. Ghost towns are rather an economic sabotage of the colonial government’s annual economic agenda. If not, there would have been no need for the colonial government to be organizing anti ghost town activities all over Ambazonia. Colonial agents like Patrick Ekema wouldn’t have been moving around with colonial forces and illegally shutting down businesses respecting the call or buying taxis for the council to ply the roads on such days.

It is therefore obvious that the ghost towns are not only hurting the colonial regime, but the entire revolution is about to crumble the colonial economy. The signs are very much visible and Ambazonians shouldn’t be surprised when the colonial economy slides into serious crisis in 2018 and spark another crisis within LRC itself. BaretaNews shall also not be surprised if LRC becomes a failed state after the birth of Ambazonia.

As they continue the search for “secessionist terrorists”in Ambazonia, Let the Ghost Towns Intensify as Southern zone spice them with self-defense actions.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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