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Act Of Theft Multiplies In Bambili As Festive Period Approaches



Act Of Theft Multiplies In Bambili As Festive Period Approaches

By Mbah Godlove

Each time December draws near, Cases of stealing multiply, especially in areas inhabited by students.

This is a result of pressure mounting on young men to purchase dresses and shoes for their girlfriends.

One area where stealing has been on the rise this early December 2022 is Bambili, a locality hosting the University of Bamenda, Northern zone of Ambazonia.

Earlier this week, meaning people were in tears after unknown individuals raided their rooms in Bambili, collecting items such as phones laptops, jewelry and Cash.

One of those affected is a 25year old blind student whose only name BN got as Desmond.

He had gone to visit a neighbor when his room was raided.

Since Desmond is blind, he hardly could notice that his laptop was not on his table when he came back to his room.

He only discovered that all was not well when he could not find his charger minutes later when he wanted to power up his phone.

When he did not find his charger where he had kept it, he tried to touch it on the table and discovered his laptop and its charger were also nowhere to be found.

His situation is only one out of many victims who continue to lose valuable items am cash as Christmas and New year draws near.

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