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Cameroun Colonial Forces Invade Bafut: Looting, Burning Intensified



Colonial Forces Invade Bafut: Looting, Burning Intensified

By Mbah Godlove.

At a time Cameroun government are talking of a smokescreen reconstruction, soldiers loyal to La Republic du Cameroun government have intensified the wrecking of terror on inhabitants of Bafut local government area (LGA), Northern Zone of Amazonia.

Information reaching BaretaNews room reveals that dozens of colonial soldiers stormed Akofungugba, a village in the LGA earlier on Saturday, November 21 causing enormous destruction.

They looted homes and set several houses ablaze, our source said.

Meantime, some locals who were at home were severely tortured by the angry colonial uniformed officers.

Saturday’s invasion of Akofungugba came barely a month after french Cameroun soldiers raided the village, breaking into provision stores as well as raising homes.

At the time of this report, most inhabitants of the area are still seeking refuge in nearby bushes for fear of repression.

It is worth mentioning that entire Bafut local government area which is has been under the influence of Amazonian fighters for four years has witnessed much human and material damage perpetrated by the military of the regime of occupation.

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