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Ambazonian PWDs Observe International Day in Pain And Anguish



Ambazonian PWDs Observe International Day in Pain And Anguish

By Mbah Godlove.

Persons with disabilities, PWDs in Ambazonia have expressed disdain as they join the rest of the international community to observe the world day of PWDs.

Since the outbreak of the freedom war over five years ago, PWDs have remained neglected with very little or no access to basic needs including food, shelter, and medical care.

On Saturday, December 3, this group of Ambazonians used the international day of PWDs to decry their neglect since the outset of the war of liberation.

“We remain in peril five years since this conflict started and no one cares,” revealed a PWD leader in Bamenda.

“Many of us have died of starvation, others of abandonment in restive areas, and some of the gunshots,” he added.

The leader told BN on the basis of anonymity that they feel bad that not even NGOs are on the groundwork toward addressing their plights.

He said most of them including faith-based organisations instead use them to enrich themselves.

PWDs thus used December 3 to call on Ambazonians of goodwill to help them as the conflict worsens.

This year’s international day of PWDs is observed under the theme of innovative solutions for inclusive development.

The role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world

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