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Southern Cameroons On Red Alert!! Arbitrary Arrests, Intimidation, As October 1 Approaches



Denizens of Southern Cameroons are in tribulation times as news of arbitrary arrests and intimidation reigns in virtually every county in the Northern and Southern zones. Forces of La Republic du Cameroun (LRC) have been instructed to apply all military suppression tactics so the people will scare away from the Sunday October 1, 2017 restoration march to Buea.

Media reporting on Anglophone crisis

Preceding the day many a people of Southern Cameroons have yearned to enjoy freedom at last, the military deployment in the two zones have been invading people’s premises, major streets and meeting points, to chase away people, beating some and arresting others. In Mile 16, Muea, Ekona, Newtown, Half Mile, Kosala, Fiango, Nguti, Nkwen, Santa, Kumbo, and other places in the Southern and Northern Zones, there has been mass raids and arbitrary arrests since Saturday September 23, 2017. Worst still, is the fact that people’s phones are being seized and searched. Should you have anything regarding the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons, you will be arrested. Many have been locked up at detention camps for no just course.

We Shall Shoot To Kill, If Possible – Bernard Okalia Bilai

Colonial Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, told reporters that the huge military presence in the Southern zone have been tasked to shoot and kill if anyone gets on the street on or before Sunday October 1, 2017. Speaking in a Press conference held Wednesday October, 27 2017 in Buea, the xenophobe cum ‘agent provocateur’ of LRC, told the media to inform the population to stay home for their good, otherwise, they risk facing their end, should they venture the streets on Sunday October 1, 2017.

Mass arrests in Ekona

“I urge you the journalists to sensitise the population to stay home on Sunday (October 1, 2017). We have raised the security alert to severe. So the security forces you see parading the streets have been instructed to shoot at anyone who shall demonstrate on that day. It is of the best interest of the people to stay safe at home on that day,” Okalia Bilai indicated.

Speaking with all arrogance and authority, the colonial occupant even threatened the press to desist from reporting incidents that can fuel demonstrations. He insisted, due to the desperate times we find ourselves, reporters should apply gatekeeping of information at the highest level.

“It will be of your best interest to avoid reporting things that can implicate you. We are in a desperate time and no stone is left unturn. I urge you journalists to apply your ethics of your profession at all course so as to avoid escalation of violence in (Southern Cameroons),” Okalia Bilai arrogated.

Unannounced Curfew Hits Southern Cameroons

Since Sunday September 24, denizens of Southern Cameroons have been forced to halt all activities from 9pm and return home. Huge military parade in streets and quarters animate the night as anyone seen parading the streets is being arrested.

Southern Cameroons, ready for statehood restoration on October 1

Church services, night travel, and even nocturnal social activities, have been placed under suspension. Reports say, within these times, some special forces are being deployed to enter homes and search for any implicating material.

Francophones deployed As Spies & Vigilante

Meantime, some unknown youths are presently being trained on some information gathering technics in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. These young men allegedly from Douala and Nschang, are going to act as government spies, combing the nooks and crannies of Buea, Limbe and Kumba, so they can fish out possible information linked to the restoration of the struggle. Presented in Buea and Bamenda on Wednesday September 27, the men are being equipped with whistles, torches, and communication airtime, to carry out their espionage.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews

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