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Dienyi Villagers In Total Consternation: Colonial Military Slaughter Five



Dienyi Villagers In Total Consternation: Colonial Military Slaughter Five

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Dienyi, a village in Meme County of the Southern Zone have been grieving following the brutal murder of over five locals by French Cameroun Soldiers.

Sources say Dienyi village was invaded Tuesday December 22 by the said colonial elements reportedly in search of the dwelling temple of no nonsense warlord, General Ikeku.

Unable to locate the commander and his troops, the forces of occupation decided to pour their frustration on the civilian population.

Men, women and children a BN source says were subjected to severe torture which resulted in the killing of at least five people.

About eight women were arrested and twenty five homes raised.

The Colonial uniformed men equally looted homes, promising to kill all locals if they do not surrender all their money.

Meantime, some inhabitants fled to bushes for safety while others escaped to the city of Kumba.

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