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French Cameroun Enablers Perish in Oku Ambushed



French Cameroun Enablers Perish in Oku Ambushed

By Mbah Godlove.

Over a dozen of French Cameroon collaborators have died and several others injurred in Oku, Bui County of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone.

Local media Reports say the Enablers were ambushed Sunday March 30 by Pro Independence Fighters for taking part in a disbanded local legislative colonial election rerun scheduled by the Biya regime.

While returning from Oku on board a French Cameroun armored car, Ambazonian Fighters intercepted the convoy in an incident that resulted in the death of at least 8 persons including soldiers belonging to La Republique du Cameroun. Several others, BN has learned received life threatening injuries in sunday’s attack.

The crackdown on the black legs comes exactly a week after a similar move in Batibo left former opposition MP Joseph Mbah Ndam, two election personnel, and four uniformed men injured.

Those who were caught in the Oku incident had taken part in an illegal meeting to commission to office those they claimed were their elected municipal authorities.

Before clamping on the enablers, Ambazonian Fighters had warned that anyone who was going to participate in the banned elections would be treated accordenly.

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