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French Cameroon Military Raid Sparks Consternation In Buea



French Cameroon Military Raid Sparks Consternation In Buea

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial military of La Republique du Cameroun has launched a massive arrest in Buea, heartland of Ambazonia.

Earlier this Thursday July 16, the forces of occupation invaded Bomaka, a locality in the outskirts of Buea where nearly 300 youth were rounded up.

The population of the said vicinity have remained in perpetual fear and panic as they wonder what might have triggered the crackdown.

It remains unclear the intention behind the brutal act, but locals have attributed it to the presence of a French Cameroun top official in the Ambazonian capital.

It is worth noting that such illegal arrests, detentions and torture of Ambazonians have been rampant, not only in Buea, but elsewhere across the 13 counties constituting the national territory.

Meantime, it remains uncertain whether all the arrested were released, but a BaretaNews source in the area suggests that only those who had huge sums of money to bribe for their release have been set free.

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