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Shutdown Of Activities In Buea Amid Sporadic Gunshots



Shutdown Of Activities In Buea Amid Sporadic Gunshots

By Mbah Godlove

Business premises in some strategic areas in Buea have been void of activities as Ambazonian Fighters went head-on with colonial forces.

Earlier this Saturday, May 15, Muea and Mile 17 witnessed a tense atmosphere as a result of horrifying gunshots that ensued for several hours.

Economic activities, according to sources, closed around midday as people took to their heels for safety.

The shootings were believed to be perpetuated by Ambazonian fighters in confrontations with French Cameroun’s forces.

It is yet to be determined what casualties were produced by Saturday’s sporadic gunshots, but locals admitted it was the most dreaded experience they have had for the past months.

Barely 48 hours ago, a similar situation left residents of Bwitingi in panic for several hours.

Many an Ambazonian believe that the current display of strength from the independence fighters is a signal that no colonial activity would be allowed across Southern Cameroons come May 20.

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