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Mark Bareta Embraces Unity Among Leaders As Panacea For Victory In 2022



Mark Bareta Embraces Unity Among Leaders As Panacea For Victory In 2022

By Mbah Godlove

Frontline Ambazonian leader, Mark Bareta says his new year resolution is to accept unity at all cost as a means to push through the quest for Freedom this 2022.

In an official tweet published on Friday, December 31, 2021, the bonafide Southern Cameroonian averred that unity should be the priority of all leaders so as to salvage the situation of hate and division among activists.

The leader reiterated this stance, January 01, 2022, as he considers reconciliation as a vital step towards consolidating victory.

“It’s time we forgive ourselves and embrace reconciliation. We can shorten our match to Buea should we forgive our trespasses, truly reconcile and collaborate in unison,” he assured.

Mark Bareta’s outing comes at a time when hate, disunity, and backstabbing have been serving as setbacks to the ongoing liberation struggle.

The BaretaNews CEO, therefore, sees sincere unity as a permanent panacea to all the challenges that have enveloped the people’s course for Freedom.

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