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Colonial Transporter Ill-treats Ambazonia Detainees



Colonial Transporter Ill-treats Ambazonia Detainees

By Mbah Godlove

Some incarcerated Ambazonians have been rough-handled by a French Cameroun transporter on the basis that they were chanting songs of freedom.

Local media have reported that upon being informed recently by a colonial judge that their case had been adjourned to January 2021, the detainees began singing liberation songs.

The driver conveying them back to the over-crowded Yaounde Kondengui Central Prison, was not pleased with the Ambazonian patriotism that was demonstrated through the singing.

Filled with burning anger, he chose to subject the prisoners of war to excruciating pains.

Like was the case during the Slavery and Slave Trade era, the chained detainees who were parked in the truck, sustained multiple injuries as a result of a sequence of high acceleration and instantaneous brake applications.

The war victims, according to a BaretaNews source, are yet to have access to drugs, owing to lack of finance.

Over 5000 Ambazonians are currently being held across the Cameroons detention facilities.

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