Southern Cameroons Restoration Struggle, An Unmanned Revolutionary Machine







After killing hundreds, kidnapping thousands, sending thousands into exile and hospitals, Biya believed the struggle for the total liberation of Ambazonia would end.

The leadership of Ambazonia is found in the collective consciousness of the people. No single group can boast it has the mandate of the people.

We Shall Never Give Up

Like Tata Mentan said on one Cameroon Calling in the 1990s, he joined the CPDM because it was an unmanned demolition machine going downhill. Left alone it would cause terrible havoc.

While Biya has refused dialogue with the pretenders to the leadership stool of Ambazonia, perhaps in hopes the dogs would all be shot down and the ship stampeded, he is amazed at the fortitude of the sheep without shepherds.

Some disillusioned people in Ambazonia are blaming the Governing Council for sending people to the streets on September 22 and 1 October 2017 to die without and elaborate plan.

Our compatriots who took to the streets on September 22 and October 1 2017 did so because the Charter of the United Nations Organization and the Constitutions of Cameroon guarantee our right to assemble, protest and movement.

Cameroun soldiers and paramilitary killed people on their farms and in their homes. None of the dead bore arms. Amid the war-armed military present, the people pushed through with their ideologies and peace plants. They never for second ever got scared of the ballistic weapons faced against them. Yes! They got killed in their numbers. They are our heroes. However, we shall never give up. We shall continue to hold this illegal occupiers on their throat until they do the right thing; liberate the people.

Southern Cameroons is one and invisible

Giving that restorationists are trying hard to build an inclusive and pacific state of Southern Cameroons, descending voices are allowed to air their meaningful contributions. However, history will take note of those who are putting a stone block to this struggle. They blame and criticise almost everything. Their aim is to distract and slow the speed of the restoration process. One word for them, the restoration of Southern Cameroons is an inner core divine providence. So no matter your blame games and baseless criticisms will for one second ever stop the struggle. Not even the governing council can stop the moving train, moving fast in the minds of the people. However, the council will always be there to guide the people on how to go with the restoration struggle.

So, instead of blaming the Ambazonia leadership for ordering people to their death, the blame must be put squarely at Biya’s doorstep for ordering the death of innocent and unarmed civilians. Oh yes! The Biya regime is a blood sucker. They want to eliminate Ambazonians so they occupy the state of Southern Cameroons. That is the more reason why we all have to come together and use all resources available to keep the enemy abbey.

And for “les ennemies dans la maison”  (La republique du Cameroun), it is just a matter of time. Sooner than later, we shall fully take over our land. If you ever though for a second that the struggle is weighing down, then think again. We come like lightning. Don’t be fooled by our silence for now. Lots of work is going underground. Soon, we would unleash the dragon on you.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews



  1. Carin Blanche

    October 27, 2017 at 9:27 AM

    actions speak louder than words . we will blive wen we see ur underground plan come alive into action n less words

    • George

      October 27, 2017 at 10:01 AM

      That is a newspaper sister and not the GC or the people of Ambazonia. We are all aware about the fact that there is no turning back. We shall never go back to status quo.

  2. Malis

    October 27, 2017 at 2:08 PM

    Indeed, an Unmanned Revolutionary Machine.

    The enemy is in total confusion and fear.

    Slowly we are taking back our nation, they can’t do a dame thing.

  3. Atem Bakia

    October 28, 2017 at 1:55 AM

    That old lady’s with a cane’s action covered us all. She was probably was in her prime and witnessed the annexation and theft of our country first hand. She probably also experienced her family members and friends fall to LRC genocide over the years. That is why she rose, never to fall again and to make sure Amba unborn children never suffer what she suffered.

  4. Pompidou Mensah

    October 28, 2017 at 4:05 AM

    Where is the old lady, what help has she got? She is the POSTER MOTHER OF this revolution, she never gave up in her advanced age, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP, in her name and all Ambazonians we march on.

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