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Christmas: The Justice We Need



BN Editorial
Christmas: The Justice We Need

By Mbah Godlove

As Christ is born in many an Ambazonian this December 25 perhaps, there is only one hope, unity amongst us.

For four years, we have been struggling for our freedom, and identity seized from us over 60year ago by our own neighbor, the La Republic du Cameroun.

There can be no gainsaying that the leaders of this revolution were some worth in accord when our revolution took off in 2016.

As time went on, however, things were no longer the same again.

Self-aggrandizement, greed and back-biting and other vices took central stage giving the enemy an opening to ruin the reputation of some of our best leaders on the global stage.

Moments like these, perhaps, are always good to take stock of the situation so as to mend that which has been lost.

Think of those Ambazonians at Ekata, Esu, and Bafut who have not known peace for quite a long time now.

May the joy and peace of Christmas reunite the leaders so that they may always disagree to agree.

Unity is one of the weapons we need to completely flush out the enemy from our territory.

The BN Team Extends Christmas Wishes to you all.

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