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Human Monkey Pox Virus in Ambazonia: Has La Republique Finished Cooking Another Mass Killing Strategy?



Monkey Pox virus in Ambazonia

Human Monkey Pox Virus in Ambazonia: Has La Republique Finished Cooking Another Mass Killing Strategy?

La Republique du Cameroun’s Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, on May 17, 2018, issued a press statement announcing a health epidemic known as HUMAN MONKEY POX, in Njikwa Health District of Momo County and Akwaya Health District of Manyu County, all in Ambazonia. According to the colonialist, immediately his office was informed that the epidemiological surveillance system, on April 30th 2018 recorded cases of Monkey Pox in these area, he immediately ordered a preliminary investigation, which on May 14th confirmed the circulation of the Monkey Pox Virus.

According to the minister, “an in-depth investigation mission is on the way to assess the magnitude of the epidemic in order to put in place appropriate control and response measures”

What is Monkey Pox Virus?

Monkey Pox is a viral disease transmitted to humans through an animal, mostly primates and rodents, or through an infected person. It is considered an epidemic because of its extensive fast-spreading nature.

While BaretaNews is allowing the colonial minister and his team to carry out their control and response measure, it is critical that Ambazonians do not take this news from its face value as presented by the colonial minister. This sudden rise of Monkey Pox only in Ambazonian territory, if true, must not just be looked at from a health perspective, but from most importantly a political angle, considering the political events unfolding in the territory of Ambazonia.

The politics of the Monkey pox theory

Firstly, the world is witness to how the colonial Yaoundé regime is bent on eliminating all Ambazonians just to claim their territory. The events from the beginning of this conflict point directly to that fact, and the colonial regime has been orchestrating one scheme to another on how to continuously keep the people of Ambazonia subdued, if not, completely eliminated. First is a certain targeted vaccination program only for Ambazonian children which the people resisted. Now it is Monkey Pox Virus and very soon we may hear of an Ebola virus?

This news of monkey pox is also coming after an internally displaced Ambazonian in Nguti, known as Madam Njeme reportedly collapsed in the forest where they have been seeking refuge from colonial brutality, and died. She is said to have inhaled a poisonous gas that suddenly started suffocating the people in the forest.

BaretaNews had earlier raised an alarm of the possibilities of the colonial regime using chemical weapons on the people taking refuge in the forests, with the aim of targeting restoration forces. BaretaNews still holds on to this position until proven otherwise.

With a sudden arrival of the so-called Monkey pox virus in the two most restive counties in Ambazonia; can it be said that La Republique has successfully cooked one of its mass killings strategies to be meted out on the people of Momo and Manyu counties, who have been very resistant to the colonial regime and have received heavy brutal actions from the terrorist forces?

Are we sure they have not used chemical weapons on the people in the forests as alleged and are now looking for some innocent monkey pox virus to blame when the effects begin to be manifested in the lives of the inhabitants of these counties? Why only in Momo and Manyu in Ambazonia at this point in time? Is it a coincidence? Are these the only places in the places in the Cameroons where people stay in the forests and have contacts with primates and rodents?

Fouda, Health Minister Statement

Ambazonians must keep asking these questions and more. Another lake Nyos conspiracy could be in the offing and it must be busted before the worst happens. The colonial regime is noted for all kinds of murderous and Machiavellian tactics to achieve political goals. The use of chemical weapons and blaming it on a certain monkey pox virus is a very high possibility. After all, didn’t they use poisonous gas on the Bamileke people (who are their own citizens) during the revolutionary period of the nationalism period in history? Wasn’t Lake Nyos a man-made disaster orchestrated by this same regime?

Ambazonians must be very suspicious of this Monkey Pox theory. Many things are not adding up. No matter what the colonial regime does to wipe out all Ambazonians, it will not succeed in cowing the people into slavery. Never again. The people have risen and the God of Ambazonia and the gods of the land shall see them through and deliver them from the shackles of LRC colonial heritage.

BaretaNews CEO Mark Bareta Cautions Ambazonians:

It is no secret that governments and powerful people across the world usually hide behind charities, Humanitarian or health issues to carry their evil plan to those they want to target. Now the colonial minister of health Andre Mama Fouda is telling our people in the Northern and Southern zone to corporate with health officials on a recent so called Monkey Pox Virus. The areas he mentioned are mostly the hit areas in this revolution. Is this Minister telling us that this Monkey Pox is only in Amba and no where in Cameroun? Are they going there to introduce the virus themselves? Evil in the air

My people, we do not trust anything La Republique. This must be a careful way to use health officials who are actually security operatives to penetrate our localities, do survey and inject our people with a bad substance in the name of fighting Monkey Pox. This is exactly how Governments across the world acts using covert operations in the name of vaccination, charities, religious missionaries, investigative journalists etc. La Republique we know this game.

We must caution our people about this new moves from the minister of health. We do not trust them because La Republique is now planning to go the biological warfare. The signs are already there. Let’s spread the word and request restoration forces to arrest and detain any funny health officials or others in the name of any funny vaccinations, health campaign or survey. Our restoration forces must vet them and prevent them from carrying any operations in our land unless expressly permitted and monitored by them. For any tablets, vaccines etc the health officials must first drink the tablets, inject into themselves first and wait a week under supervision.They are all spies, agents etc. Caution our people around please Mark Bareta



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.


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