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“Anglophone Cameroon” Loses A Vibrant Journalist




Elah Geofrey, Editor of one of Ambazonia most read journal, the SUN Newspaper, is no more. He died, Friday May 18, 2018, at the Limbe Regional Hospital.

Eye-witness accounts say, Elah Geoff, as he is fondly called, was knocked down in front of his house at around 12:30am by a motorcycle on breakneck speed. Information say, Geoff had just returned from Douala he went to print a news magazine before he got his demise.

Elah in Lake Muanenguba

“He returned from Douala where he went to print a set of magazines belonging to the parliamentarian of Fako East Constituency. He had successfully reached his house and just when he was walking to his door, a motorcycle rider running from a police checkpoint, ran into him. He was rushed to the Mile One Regional Hospital, where he gave up the ghost,” Glory Ngwenda, a neighbour to Geofrey said.

It should be noted that Geofrey has played a great media role in the Ambazonian struggle. He is one of the few fearless journalists who mounted the struggle on their frontpages, amidst intimidations and censorship from La Republique du Cameroun.

He has always served as a good communicator , giving the facts of information to news media about what is happening on ground zero.

His demise is a great loss for Ambazonia. He has served the media landscape passionately. From BA in Law that he acquired from the University of Dschang, Geofrey penetrated the media landscape first as a Layout Editor and Copy Artist, before imposing himself intellectually, as the Editor of the venerated SUN Newspaper.

Elah and daughter

Elah Geofrey hails from Nkikoh, 4 km from around GBHS Bangem, headquarters of Kupe Muanenguba County. He lives behind a 7-year-old daughter, a girlfriend, family, and a wealth of friends and well-wishers.

By Bernadette Nkembi,

Roving-Reporter, BaretaNews

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