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Anglophone Crisis: Standing Your Grounds in the Face of Repression



In the face of repression, if you do not retreat nor surrender, you are standing your grounds. The Anglophone crisis which started at the end of 2016 reveals that repression can never be a way forward. Many have lost their lives, others have been arrested and detained, communications have been blocked for almost 10 days… these events only show how West Cameroonians can stand strong to fight for what they want. Despite all attempts to destabilize their efforts, they have stood their grounds for the best and nothing less.

Following the success recorded in Ghost Town Operations, the dissemination of information despite internet blackout, the formidable efforts of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and the people, indicates there are better days ahead. The people of West Cameroon sees nonviolence as a form of civil disobedience that will compel the government to create conditions for genuine dialogue.

Since the beginning of this struggle, the Consortium has maintained a position that reveals a strong desire for change. Even after the government decree banning its activities, the Consortium continues to stand for the people, to speak for the people, and fight for the people. The interim leaders of the Consortium recently issued a statement to clear worries on sustainable strategies for the resistance. According to the leaders, strategies will not be revealed in public. One of the leaders Mark Bareta emphasized that “the next strategy will only be available when it is available”. He noted that, at this point in the struggle, certain things are better left unsaid in public.

However, he adds that West Cameroonians should continue to ensure that schools and courts remain closed. Also, the Consortium decided that Ghost Towns will continue every Monday’s and Tuesday’s until 23rd February with 11th of February being a total ghost day all across West Cameroon. These decisions were unanimously accepted by the people of West Cameroon and show that the people are standing their grounds for a positive change.

The Consortium recently introduced the Twitter strategy as a means to get international organizations to intervene. The strategy seems to be working for the good of West Cameroonians. They are calling on the government to release all arrested, to bring back internet connections in West Cameroon and more importantly to return to effective dialogue with the people. The Consortium went further to add that West Cameroonians must continue to stand their grounds even in the face of repression of their ideas. They added, “the struggle is bigger than anything else and the more reason why we ought to stand our grounds until we win.”

Akame Gerald with contributions from Mark Bareta.

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