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Mark Bareta Issues Public Statement, Condemns The Calls For UN Vehicles Attacks In Mamfe



Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.

Public Statement

A United Nations official (Name Withheld) on the ground has brought to my notice a certain screenshot from a certain Camerounese agent who called herself Caroline Mala wearing with pride the face of an Ambazonian. She has called for the bombing of @UN vehicles in Mamfe in strict violation of the laws of war. Firstly, the said Carolina Mala is not speaking on the behalf of Ambazonians, and has no locus standi. She will take full responsibility for any agenda she is trying to propagate in favour of La Republique du Cameroun. As such, we have to use this as an opportunity to educate any of our brave Ambazonia forces reading us.

As always, any vehicle whether UN or otherwise except clearly identified French Cameroun military vehicles must be treated with care and within the war codes.

Caroline Mala Facebook Post


Our Forces should always use the opportunity to talk to occupants in these UN vehicles about our plight. These UN humanitarian vehicles are not to be attacked in any shape or form. Ambazonia Forces across the 13 states should be able to grant them access for humanitarian sake based on their own local realities as well as giving them protection when need be and the means are available without hurting their own security. It must be recalled that credible field reports to the international community are always taken from these humanitarian bodies as they are like the first responders indicating the exact temperature on the ground.

Ambazonia Forces must ignore any of such provocative calls and guard their resources towards the actual enemy which is French Cameroun Forces.

Mark Bareta
July 24th, 2020

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