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Enabler Would-be MP Escapes Death In Batibo



Enabler Would-be MP Escapes Death In Batibo

By Mbah Godlove

Former Social Democratic Front’s Colonial Member of Parliament, Joseph Mbah Ndam has survived an attack from the Restoration Forces in Batibo, Momo County.

A military convoy transporting the enabler and fraudulent ELECAM officials, ran into the dreaded pro-independence fighters, while heading to Batibo for Sunday’s illegal elections re-run.

Reports say four unrully colonial soldiers pick up life threatening injuries while two ELECAM personnel were also injured.

They were immediately rush to the Bamenda Regional Hospital for treatment.

Joseph Mbah Ndam who stubbornly went in for last month’s disbanded Municipal and Parliamentary elections has been pushing through to get his way to the rubber-stamp parliament of French Cameroun at all cost.

The attack on his convoy has come days after the hight command of Ambazonia restoration forces placed a ban on the re-run of the colonial election in some part of southern Cameroon.

It is hope that, Saturday, March 21, ambushed would serve as an eye opener to the other enablers who are aspiring to step foot on Ambazonia for a similar exercise.

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