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Buea Colonial Council Officials Poised To Erase All Traces of late Ekema Patrick



Buea Colonial Council Officials Poised To Erase All Traces of late Ekema Patrick


French Cameroun Mayor of Buea Council, David Namange, and his team have begone taking stringent measures to wipe off all traces left by deceased Colonial Mayor, Ekema Patrick Esunge.

During a council session on Tuesday, July 21, the process started with the changing of the name of Buea from the city of excellent as baptized by Ekema Patrick and his cabal back to the town of legendary Hospitality as it was called before the days of the late colonial agents. Some Buea Denizons have described the move as a good one stressing that Ekema Patrick was not a leader who left any legacy that could be upheld

They said a man who bought certificates from the University of Buea could not have named Buea as a place of excellence given that he was a disgrace to the academy.

“He named a town as a city of excellence because of his stupidity”, a man said.

Many locals have expressed the need to deconstruct all that’s left is of the late Intellectual nonentity and build a new foundation for Southern Cameroons.

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