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Macron-Dictator Biya telephone call shapes public debate



Macron-Dictator Biya telephone call shapes public debate

By Mbah Godlove

French President, Emmanuel Macron has discussed the ongoing Ambazonia war of independence with La Republique du Cameroun’s autocratic leader, Paul Biya.

On Sunday, March 1, 2020, the two states men hooked up on phone in a process which saw Macron dishing out information to Biya, pressuring the 87-year-old tyrant to solve the problem of Ambazonians.

Macron’s Clarion call came in the heels of the Ngarbuh Massacre of February 14, in which the colonial Military claimed the lives of over 25 Ambazonians including children and women.

The unrully and unprofessional colonial forces without any remorse for the Ngarbuh incident which had attracted much international condemnation, again went on rampage Saturday, February 29, killing at least 15 southern Cameroonians in Small Babanki of the Mezam county.

It is not clear the measures Emmanuel Macron instructed Paul Biya to implement as a way to manage the escalating tension.

However, Sunday’s telephone discussion has become a point of debate across Ambazonian as many wonder if France could facilitate the independent quest of Southern Cameroon.

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