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French Cameroun Organize Last honor for Perished Soldiers



French Cameroun Organise Last honor for Perished Soldiers

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial regime of French Cameroun has begun paying homage to several soldiers who have been killed recently in the course of the ongoing freedom war in Ambazonia.

During an event in Bafousam Thursday, May 27, the mortal remains of some uniformed officers killed in the boundary between the northern zone and French Cameroun’s neighboring west region were taken out for burial rights.

This comes at a time when clashes Between restoration fighters and colonial forces are multiplying.

Several other unruly Colonial Soldiers who recently sustained live treating injuries are under intensive health care, BN has learned.

Sources say several individuals in the French Cameroun military have refused to be deployed to Ambazonia, stressing that they have young families and are not ready to die now.

Ambazonian fighters on the part, say their morale is high and that it is either Independence now or unending resistance.

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