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Mark Bareta Endorses US Protests: Outlines Power Of The Media In Crucifying French Cameroun



Mark Bareta Endorses US Protests: Outlines Power Of The Media In Crucifying French Cameroun

By Mbah Godlove

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BaretaNews, Mark Bareta has entreated Ambazonians to massively participate in a series of protests organised in USA to inform the international community of French Cameroun’s atrocities in Ambazonia.

In a nearly 6-minute audio message addressed to Ambazonians in Pidgin English on Tuesday March 3, the activist unequivocally entreated every supporter of the independence quest to forget about their differences and attend the forthcoming US peaceful demonstrations.

The highly awaited public manifestations due to be held on March 6, 9 and 13, 2020, according to Mark Bereta, are meant to reveal several masacres perpetrated by the regime of Dictator Paul Biya.

Citing among others, the Ngarbuh and Small Babanki mass killings recently perpetrated, the Belgium-based Freedom fighter intimated that, Ambazonians should storm the protest grounds in their number to tell the stories.

The communication architect in Tuesday’s address, underscored the need for Ambazonians to use their social media platforms constructively and responsibly as mechanisms to fight the colonial regime, stressing that the media are a very essential tool in a war like the one they are faced with.

While regretting the loss of his official Facebook accounts, the social media Don and BaretaNews CEO announced he had taken the independence battle to Twitter, stating that, twitting French Cameroun’s human right abuses was one of the best things in the history of the Ambazonian war which is nearing it fourth year.

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