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GCE Board Registrar Humphrey Monono Attacked By Unknown Men






The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE board, Dr. Ekema Humphrey Monono, was attacked this Monday July 31st, 2017 morning, around 5:30am, along the Bikwai road in Buea, while he was doing his morning exercise, by unidentified group of boys. According to reports, they wanted to ambush him to death, but thanks to the intervention of some passersby, who heard him screamed and scared the boys away.

BaretaNews correspondent who spoke on phone with the Registrar confirmed this story. Buea lately has seen some strange events after two girls were found lately dead. It should be recalled that the GCE Board has come under attack for taking sides with the regime of Paul Biya by organising the political GCE. However, it is the opinion of BaretaNews that this amateurish attack cannot be as a result of the Anglophone crisis.

Worthy of note is the fact that the Registrar himself has come under attack from some of his elites after he exposed the fraudulent credentials of the Mayor of Buea. Could it be that, the plotters of the act are trying to settle scores? BaretaNews still thinks this could not be the case due to the amateurish way in which the unknown men acted. We think that should that be the case, he should have been history.

It is our opinion that these unknown men could be random guys looking for money. However, one cannot entirely count off the above postulations. It is therefore imperative that adequate security be beefed up around these officials to avoid unforeseen circumstances


Sources, however, say the Registrar is in good shape.

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