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USDP Blames Biya For Chosing Violence Over Dialogue








Dear compatriots, since November last year our children in the North West and in the South West including teachers and lawyers have deserted both the courts and school campuses.

The reasons why the situation became radical and has left both regions in an extremely precarious position now boils down to the fact that the regime of Mr Paul Biya chosed violence over negotiations and dialogue.

Ever since, more violence, arbitrary arrests, intimidations, coming from the regime of Mr Paul Biya has aggravated the situation.

The insecurity, fear, tension and the militarisation of both regions has caused the people to keep their children at home.

USDP has made several calls and proposals to the regime of Mr Paul Biya to create an atmosphere of dialogue through the unconditional release of all those arrested in connection with the anglophone problem.

Unfortunately, the regime has chosen to stay in her position of stiffness and arrogance.

QUESTION: Can parents chose to send their children to school in September under the prevailing circumstances?

ANSWER: USDP thinks that the regime of Mr Paul Biya has refused categorically to bring the consistent tensed situation under control. We know that the call for ghost town is very much respected in the two regions. And the high presence of military men and women who parade the streets in the North West and South West is not conducive for children and for their peaceful academic career.
Therefore we think that instead of the regime to use rude, and manipulative approach to bring calmness in both regions, and for schools to start, the following must take place:

1- The unconditional release of all those who have been arrested in connection with the anglophone problem.
2- Stop further arrests and intimidations of citizens from that part of the country.
3- The regime should initiate a serious and frank dialogue with all stakeholders.
4- The State/Regime of Mr Paul Biya should declare National Day of Peace and Reconciliation.
5- The regime should apologize to all those who have been brutalized physically, morally, etc.

Prince Ekosso

Chairman USDP

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