Ambazonia fighters have not carried out torture, insists leader on Sky News UK


The leader of an independence movement in Cameroon has denied his forces have committed crimes against humanity and demanded the international community recognise the Anglophone region as a separate state.

Speaking to Sky News, Dr Cho Ayaba said the humanitarian situation in the Central African country was “spiralling out of control”. The battle for independence in Cameroon’s western region – which separatists call Ambazonia – is spiralling into a civil war and more than a million people need aid. Sky News has reported how children and teachers in the region face being killed or tortured if they break the separatists’ boycott of government schools and institutions – an attempt to force negotiations with the country’s Francophone rulers.

However, Dr Ayaba insisted his forces are not involved in such brutality. He told Sky’s All Out Politics programme: “No, our forces are not responsible for crimes against humanity. “We have a disciplined force that respects its code of conduct that is drafted to reflect the spirit of the Geneva Convention.”

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  1. Jon

    July 11, 2019 at 2:49 AM

    The Noble Savage (Ayaba Cho Lucas) and other factional leeches are quite DELUSIONAL. Facts do not matter in their world, and they think they CAN PULL THE WOOL OVER THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY’S EYES. Atrocities committed by Ambazonia Terrorist Group are well documented. So, for this NUMBSKULL SAVAGE to say that ambazonia terrorists do not TORTURE their victims beggar belief. That is why they are a bunch of LAUGHING STOCK. No country, no international organisation, etc. pays heed to their MADNESS, MAD COW DISEASED LEECHES.

    Reputable international organizations, UN agencies, human rights NGOs, media organisations like Sky News in the UK, etc. have documented rampant TORTURE, and evidence of such torture ABOUND.

    • bonnie

      July 11, 2019 at 8:00 AM

      @ John lrc colonialbread,sardine,beer slave, there is evidence that the genocidal dictator’s terrorists illiterate military are carring out scorch earth policies to intimidate the populations of the English regions Ambazonia which they are fighting back with self defense as a Human Right,Ambazonians are alarming the world for the first time in history about french puppet biya’s barbarism,assimilation,subjugation, genocide against Formal British Southern Cameroon Ambazonia who have the right to self defense, restore their stolen Independence in 1961,they will continue to fight until it is restored, the entire satellite world see the lrc armies attrocities not Amba boys who are protecting their communities,also biya’s genocide on

    • Jon

      July 11, 2019 at 8:23 PM


      Fru Ndi told Human Rights Watch that the separatists beat him repeatedly.

  2. Jon

    July 11, 2019 at 2:50 AM

    Sky News reports on AMBAZONIA TERRORIST GROUP!

  3. bonnie

    July 11, 2019 at 8:16 AM

    dotage colonial paul biya’s decalred war in 2016 against peaceful protestors in Ambazonia, the English speaking regions with scorch earth policies, intimidation,shot and kill,the gecocidal, barbaric dictator biya regime for 58 years has been carrying out policies of assimilation, subjugation,intimidation, injustices,Ambazonians will restore their country by force, they will never lay down their arms because self defense is a UN Human rights!Ambazonias are not fighting for a LANGUAGE issue,ROOT CAUSES is to restore their stolen INDEPENDENCE IN 1961,lrc fake FEDERATION failed,decentralisation will never be accepted in Ambazonia,biya cannot go free by killing Ambazonians for the any conmetic solutionsfor the francophone regions as they are part of lrc, biya’s genocide in Ambazonia

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