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Amba Prisoner Of War Tsi Conrad Writes: Blood is precious, The school of Blood.




Blood is precious, The school of Blood.

By Tsi Conrad

Hallelujah! Smear fries and grams for happy rice
Unholy! lamps to plug the ghost of sinful peter
I know what Simon wanted but Thomas doubted
Show me when this revolution had Jesus in it
The One, I mean two, I mean all of them spoke
I have seen the morning of a better tomorrow
If not for some happy rice why not the bond
Hallelujah! Peter cannot say he knew nay
Because Thomas has stopped doubting the holes
My unholy mouth pricks the righteous ghost
Not in my name grains of hate seed swallowed love
This things verily grinds Pilate black undeniably
Show me Zacheus if not on the tree searching for him
The woman will not wash his feet anymore for remorse
Because the oil is finished for everyone, even Jesus.
Hallelujah! I stand with true patriots of Ambazonia

In desperation, this breath of evil will create a blood bath
Judas saw a hole and by evil, he became a mole for the devil
Hallelujah! The narration of the oppression of Ambazonia by Laripoplik is real
Yet, A blood bath of rats and dogs will mean nothing to the diaper man of Etoudi
Hallelujah! For a future of true patriots, we need an education today undeniably
But, for a future of true Ambazonians, we need sacrifice for truth
Tell me diaspora what are you up to, where is your sacrifice for patriotism?
School Boycott we have, hungry we are, dying we are, fighting we are, GZ is giving all.
Hallelujah! Diaspora, what are you giving us as true patriots of Ambazonia?
Giving you aren’t, loving you aren’t, hungry you aren’t, dying you aren’t, diaspora is taking all
Thomas wanted prove of life, we want prove of nothing but your patriotism
A promise! No! More than a promise we want, Action for truth, love, and unity.
For independence, we gave up schools, for disunity we want our schools back
Hallelujah! You have one more chance, a month to pick a side and make history,
The genocide on Ambazonia by Laripoplik is real
Yet, the genocide by Ambazonia on Ambazonians is a reality
Before nightfall, someone will deny me three times Jesus echoed
Hallelujah! In one month if the diaspora does not stop the infighting, we will deny them

Grabs of bites dangling like bates for Bill Gates minus
Not because of the dollar but justified by the dollar
Humming yippy yappy, gruesome gun sounds all-round
It is war, Hallelujah! The pastor should stick to prayer
Soiled by black rams for dirty awards in spirit and body
We Cut the breastfeeding lion man of Etoudi bluntly
We are Shocked by zig-zag creeps of nasty utterances
Show me when this revolution had one target and song
Praise Jesus I am still alive less I die in vain and misery
Our pastors and preachers see prosperity in a toilet
Ananias and saphira should have just not promised
Lambasted untruely for time with a bad mouth and face
The struggle for Jacob’s Rachel is another seven years
Hallelujah! For Jacob had God’s favour like no other
Hosting tomorrow in my today like pregnancy for two
And Zacheus shares everything without a Jesus at home

The war of independence for Ambazonia is real
Back home I fear for that reality
In here I fear for this reality
Out there, they hope for a different reality
Back home, In here, out there, shall we dare this reality?
School or no school, breathe in and out
School or no school, close your eyes
School or no school, what do you see?
School or no school, do you see guns or books?
School or no school, Ambazonians have made a decision

TSI Conrad

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