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Oh comrade, Oh comrade,
My trust in you and your trust in me.
My life with you and your life with me.
Oh comrade, be my back up.

I fight for glory of Ambazonia,
I die for the victory of Ambazonia,
I live to see Ambazonia
Oh comrade, oh comrade
All is for Ambazonia

You fight for Ambazonia
You die for Ambazonia
You live for Ambazonia
Oh Comrade, Oh Comrade
We have one goal.

We fight for Ambazonia
We die for Ambazonia
We live for Ambazonia
Oh Comrade, Oh Comrade
We have one purpose, free Ambazonia

I back you up because I know it’s the right thing to do,
You back me up because it’s the right thing to do,
We back and protect one another because it’s our collective right.
Oh Comrade, Oh Comrade, the goal is Ambazonia

Why fight me comrade?
Why set me up comrade?
Why blackmail me comrade?
Why fight and kill ourselves comrade?
Is the goal different?
Is the fight different?
Is my blood different?
Oh comrade, oh comrade
We are one, the goal is one and the fight is one.

Ambazonia is ours,
Ambazonia is for us
Ambazonia is our pride
Oh Comrade, Oh Comrade
In you I see love, in you I see peace.
In you I see progress.

Why fight me comrade?
Why kill me comrade
Is the goal too big?
Is the fight us?

If I hold the flag alone, is that Ambazonia?
If you hold the flag alone are you a better Ambazonia?
But, if we hold the flag together, it’s us Ambazonia.
Let the goal be us, let the fight be us.
For if I fall and you fall, Ambazonia falls.

Look up to motherland, love and protect motherland.
That is why we fight, that is why we die. Do it for motherland
She bleeds, she bleeds.
She needs me, you and we.
Oh comrade, back me up, back me up,
Oh comrade, I count on your backup.

Jalala Joseph (Show Name)

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