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Ekona Welcomes Palm Sunday In Pains As Cameroun Military Massacres 6 Civilians



Ekona Massacre ! Six Civilians Killed!

Darkness and Consternation unravel Ekona, Fako County, Southern Cameroons as La Republique du Cameroun military Killed six Civilians including Two Children in the wee hours of 13th of April, 2019

An entire Family living in the Bush as internal displaced Persons have been wiped off by Cameroun military. They were traced via smoke in their hut used as a refuge camp and gruesomely murdered by La Republique du Cameroun military using live ammunitions.

The father and mother looking frail from the anguish and suffering imposed by La Republique du Cameroun regime were killed along side two Children.

A grand mother and another unarmed civilian were executed by the Cameroon military as the Southern Cameroons war of Independence rages on!

On the 25th of September, 2018 in another gruesome murder scenario 9 civilians including old men who were running into the Bush were killed in Ekona by the Francophone military.

Also about 10 civilians were pulled out of their homes and shut with live Ammunition by the Cameroun Francophone military. The scenes of the killings are only reminiscent to the Rwanda Genocide of April, 1994.

Ekona has lost over 300 people since the Southern Cameroons Independence quest became an arm conflict in October 2017 following the declaration of war by the Colonial President, Paul Biya over Southern Cameroons. Three quarter of those killed are armless civilians.

The Independence of Southern Cameroons can’t be compromised. The military killing Civilians will face the ICC at a point in future with Paul Biya. I write this article with tears and a broken heart. Wondering the wickedness a Francophone military to follow civilians hiding in bush and execute them in cold blood. Please George Bush Presidential Library and Museum kindly asked the American government to intervene now and end the war. The killings of civilians in Southern Cameroons by the Francophone Military now exceed 13,00 People.

Ashu Kingsley, 13th April, 2019

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