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Yaounde Panics, Intends Summoning USA Ambassador



Yaounde Panics, Intends Summoning USA Ambassador

BaretaNews intelligence sources in Yaounde have told us that Cameroun presidency intends summoning the United States Ambassador over comments made by US Assistant Secretary of State to Africa, Tibor Nagy.

After the ousting of President Omar of Sudan by the Sudanese People, the United States official said Cameroun is the next in line where he has to focus his attention referring to the old Dictator Paul Biya ousting. Tibor praised the Camerounese and Southern Cameroons diaspora for a job well done.

Yaounde is furious insisting Tibor is interfering in Cameroun sovereignty by making statements that incite the people. Our sources say Biya’s strongmen around him are so angry and they want to summon the USA ambassador to explain the comments from USA as well as explaining the meaning of US current policy of respecting Cameroons borders especially as the USA state official mentioned the former British Southern Cameroons so called union with Cameroun.

Our sources say the Government want to be clear about the word “current” or if that will change in future

We await to see the next steps of Etoudi

Mark Bareta

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