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The Manyu/Meme Wars Will Soon Reach US-Arison Tamfu









War is going on in Manyu and Meme divisions in the South West region and the videos and images coming from there are tragic and heartbroken. Some of the videos show villagers in distress whose houses have been burned by Camerounian soldiers and others show corpses of old and young people burned alive (they probably could not escape when soldiers started burning the houses). These are some of the worst crimes against humanity in living memory. Sadly, soldiers too have been killed.


I have spoken to some displaced families who, as a result of the war, are now in the middle of nowhere with no shelter and no food. They have told me sorrowful and painful stories of how children (both girls and boys) as young as 12 have been raped severally and others killed. Most of us living in our comfort zones far away from Manyu and Meme have total disregard for what is happening to fellow human beings over there, but remember, what is happening to those women and children can happen to you, your sister or mother soon.

Biya’s provocating text

The war started in Manyu, now it is in Meme! The war will reach us soon ( anytime, anywhere and any day) if we do not demand relentlessly for immediate and genuine dialogue addressing the ” root causes” of the problem.

While the carnage continues, President Paul Biya, the man expected to call for dialogue and put an end to this sad episode, is still talking about the teachers and lawyers grievances. Truly, he is in Yaounde and we are in Buea disconnected by facts and fiction. #DialogueNow


Arison Tamfu




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