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At least 13 Cameroun Soldiers Die In A Fresh Gun Battle in Luh, Ndu Local Government Area-CNA Writes



At least 13 soldiers have died and several others collapsed in a 7 hours battle with Ambazonia fighters along the border between Luh and Wat in Ndu Subdivision.

Two fighters were seriously injured in the process with one , a twin from Luh whose house was also set ablaze, in a critical condition( shot on the head)

The Soldiers who crossed into Luh through Mbeng were trapped along the border Luh/ Wat when Ambazonia fighters destroyed a locally made bridge at Mankeng, located along the community road linking the two villages.

Back-up was called from Nkambe with 3 more trucks but the Soldiers later-on withdrew.The Soldiers did not enter into the heart of Luh village.

This is because the reinforcement that came ended around the boundary between Wat and Luh in a place called Mansah where one Ambazonia fighter was seriously wounded and 6 houses set ablaze.

Upon returning to base, the Soldiers were attacked around Mbot village but fighting lasted just for 10 minutes. They were 7 military trucks in total which went to invade Luh village. However, several neighboring Ambazonia camps from Nso, Noni and other villages were involved in the attack following an SOS call for back-up.

“Dozens of houses would have been reduced by flames had the Soldiers succeeded to enter Luh.”A source has said.

A certain, Fred, who was allegedly giving directives to the soldiers while in the bush was caught by the fighters and Phone seized. His father is on the run.

CNA News

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