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Why The Dec 27th PM Yang Meeting Must Not Hold: Stop the Evil




We have already heard from the consortium which says there shall be no meeting with the government till all those arrested are released. It is now time we the people, as well as its components, empower the consortium.

Mr. Biya is a smart politician. The attitude of the government calling splinter groups for dialogue is a tacit way not to recognize any Anglophone leadership thus denying the Anglophone problem. The teachers and lawyers, as well as all those who represent the consortium, must start now giving the consortium the voice and weight it deserves. Any dialogue with the government must be through the consortium.

Away from that, we recalled that just a week ago, the Yang commission announced that dialogue will not take place anymore until teachers go back to class. The government saw the resistance of the teachers and now they are calling for a December 27th meeting.

This is the political game. Mr. Biya will address the nation on December 31st. As of now, he lacks talking points. The December 27th meeting is meant to give Mr. Biya some good talking points. The talking points will help Biya show to the world that his government is committed to dialogue. Mr. Biya will steal the show. We must not give Biya that opportunity. Teachers must not legitimize Mr. Biya talking points.

Mr. Biya would not acknowledge the crisis, he will not condemn brutality on Southern Cameroonians, he will not condemn the killings. Mr. Biya will only use the 27th December meeting to claim talks are ongoing. Teachers must not give him that opportunity.

As a rule of thumb, if the government is serious then all those arrested must be released unconditionally. The teachers should play ball and stand their grounds. In fact, the consortium should lead any dialogue. There can’t be any dialogue when some of our people are in jails and some said to be beaten to death.

The only talking points we should give Biya should be for him to acknowledge the Anglophone problem, condemn the killings and brutality, orders state compensation to families and call for a constitutional conference or referendum. Any talking points from Biya away from the above MUST BE REJECTED by the Anglophone Cameroon community. It is now or never.

Teachers should hence NOT legitimize Biya’s Dec 31st speech. The meeting should not hold if all arrested are not released or if the consortium is not the one leading. Don’t give into the Biya game. Stand tall.

That said, I-Mark Bara as a concern Southern Cameroonian, political activist and citizen journalist is calling on all people of NW and Bamenda from Okada people, parents, teachers etc to flood the Ayaba hotel on Dec 27th and tell the PM to release our children and brothers/sisters languishing in jail while preventing any meeting from taking place.

Please don’t legitimize Biya’s Dec 31 speech.

This is Mark Bara and I approve this message

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