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French Cameroun Soldiers Threaten Babessi Denizens: Go To School Or Get Shot



Tension mounts in Ngoketunjia over arrival of military vehicles.

By Mbah Godlove.

Inhabitants of Babessi, Ngoketunjia county have been gripped by fear and panic following the arrival of nine la Republique Du Cameroun armoured cars, BaretaNews has learned.
“Since yesterday, we have received at least nine armoured cars in Babessi,” a source in the area said.

Locals in the entire county are seeking for protection owing to what they described as life threats from the barbaric colonial military of French Cameroun. “Soldiers are breaking into our homes and repeatedly warning that any of us who does not go to school on Monday will be shot dead,” our source added.

The sophisticated military vehicles were driven into Babessi less than twenty four hours after a forceful and nerve-stretching confrontation in neighboring Baba 1 between Restoration Fighters and the agents of octogenarian President of French Cameroun. About 2 am Thursday August 29, over 200 La Republique forces invaded Baba 1 where they were overtaken by Ambazonia fighters whom a source said were on their guard. A gun battle ensured in which over five members of the colonial force were neutralized and several others injured. Our boys employed tactical measures which rendered the enemies weak and powerless, says a local on the ground.

Since Ambazonians decided to take their destiny into their hands on October 1 2017, Ngoketunjia county has been one of the areas in the territory that have been witnessing persistent clashes between Pro-independence Figters and the army of French Cameroun.

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