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Cardinal Tumi Laid to Rest Amidst controversy



Cardinal Tumi Laid to Rest Amidst controversy

By Mbah Goodlove

Erstwhile Roman catholic cardinal and Douala Ash Bishop, Christian Tumi who died over a week ago have been buried.

The 93 year old outspoken man of God was accompanied to his final resting place by thousands of mourners in the French Cameroun city of Douala where he served as ash bishop for several years.

The Christians were however divided over a decision by the colonial regime to decorate the late man of God posthumously for his service to the church and the country.

Most of them remarked that, the French Cameroun government would have recognized the work of the man of God when he was alive and not at death.

Others however saluted the decoration stressing that, it would serve as an example to other men of God to follow.

Cardinal Christian Tumi will be remembered for his contribution to ensure that justice and peace were restored in Ambazonia.

Church authorities used the occasion to call for an end to the on going war in southern Camerouns.

The head of the Roman Catholic church Pope Francis described the death of cardinal Tumi as a urge loos to the Christiandom

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