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French Cameroun Diverts Public Opinion, Promises 50K To Ambazonia Youths



French Cameroun Diverts Public Opinion, Promises 50K To Ambazonia Youths

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) has in a bit to sway Ambazonian youth to forget about its numerous atrocities during and after a five-day lockdown that was meticulously observed in Southern Cameroons, announced that the youth in their thousands will each receive 50.000 CFAF (50K).

Earlier on February 16, authorities of the University of Buea made public a list of beneficiaries, most of whom are Francophones.

BaretaNews intelligence revealed that the majority Francophone students who had already been hinted that their names were on the list queued upon the institution’s main campus to confirm the information.

An insider at the Central Administration of the University told BaretaNews on the basis of anonymity that “Yaounde had called us two weeks ago to ensure that this plan is well executed in both the Universities of Buea and Bamenda.”

The decision to bribe the Ambazonian youth, sources say was hashed owing to the massive boycott of the colonial local elections and Youth Day, as well as a strategy to cover-up atrocities meted out on Ambazonians by French Cameroun’s unruly soldiers in the last thirty days.

BaretaNews CEO, Mark Bareta no Sunday describes the offer as a Trojan horse gift, stating that it was not genuine because Universities in French Cameroun such as Maroua had long benefitted from the so-called 50K presidential grant.

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