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Ngarbuh Massacre: French Cameroun Interrupts UN Investigation Team



Ngarbuh Massacre: French Cameroun Interrupts UN Investigation Team

By Mbah Godlove.

The Colonial government of French Cameroun has intercepted a UN Fact Finding Mission to Ngarbuh on Sunday 16th February 2020, a village in Ndonga-Mantung County, where its soldiers massacred over 32 Ambazonians.

While life was at it’s apex across La Repulique du Cameroun on February 14, which is observed as Lovers’ Day, the enemy and blood thirsty occupational forces invaded Ngarbuh and squeezed out life from over 32 Southern Cameroonians, a majority of whom were women and children.

Unable to withstand the wrath of dreaded Ambazonian fighters in the locality, the unruly French Cameroun soldiers transferred aggression on armless civilians as vengeance.

After blocking the UN Fact Finding Team from accessing the area and refusing responsibility over the gruesome killings, pressure has finally
pushed the barbaric regime to admit its forces carried out the act by lying about the fact that it was a bullet which shot a fuel and explosion caused the death. But how can women, children die from bullet wounds, matchets cuts from an explosion?

According to a statement from the Communication department of the colonial Ministry of defence, six of French Cameroun soldiers took part in Friday’s killings.

The statement which was not completely true, however revealed that only five Ambazonian civilians including four children and a woman were crushed, a move which has been rejected by all eye witnesses, civil society actors such as Barrister Agbor Nkongho BALLA. By blocking the UN team, it reveals they were hiding the truth

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