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Tata Kwawi Mbinglo, one-time University of Buea Students’ Union President, UBSU has decided to stop the talk and walk the talk. Reports suggest Tata Kwawi, 28 from Wimbum land has declared his intention to run for legislative elections under the UNDP of Bello Bouba after popular calls from most youth of his constituency. Tata presently in Thailand has said he will relocate home in some few months time to begin the ground work. He wants to see a change in the way things are done in Cameroun parliament.

Tata Kwawi is the founder and chairman of Cameroon Pace Setters Association. A body which has done much sensitization on empowering the youths of Cameroon in the decision-making process. He has been behind political reconciliation in Donga Mantung and has promised hell for politicians practising the politics of hatred in Donga Mantung Division. He has often challenged political bigwigs in his constituency to involve youths in their development plans and include youths in sustainable development goals. He has given out scholarships to many wimbum youths in a bit to promote academic excellence through his award scheme known as the Tata Kwawi Academic excellence Award.

Tata has initiated a solar panel project which created much awareness and concern through which he succeeded in getting the government to include Fuh Village in the supply of electricity in his locality. He is currently partnering with a Nigerian business tycoon to organise a conference on youth empowerment in Ndu and Nkambe come March 2016.

Questioning Tata, he had this to say “I have chosen to run for elections because I have heard my people’s voices crying for salvation. They need someone to instil in them hope and better living standards. These expectations they are confident that I have the potentials of delivering the goods. I have always slept with thoughts of the commonest man in my community and this gives me sleepless nights. I think it’s time to walk the talk…..”


Should Tata run under Bello Bouba’s UNDP? Is it a correct political move or should he stay with the traditional SDF or CPDM or create an altogether new political party? Tata will become the second student leader to run for Parliament after Ateh Thompson tried last parliamentary elections, is this the right time for student leaders and youth to seize the country democratic process? Should we belief in the electoral process and run under ELECAM or engage in a movement to call for reforms in ELECAM before any elections?

God is still saying something.

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