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CONFIRMED: UN Soldiers Involved in the Burning of Ambazonian Villages, as IDPs Cry for Relief Support



Ambazonia Villages






CONFIRMED: UN Soldiers Involved in the Burning of Ambazonian Villages, as IDPs Cry for Relief Support

As the frustrated terrorist forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) abandon their perceived enemies (Restoration forces) for the burning of properties, innocent citizens and Ambazonian villages, BaretaNews can authoritatively confirmed the involvement of many UN trained Peacekeeping soldiers in these repeated war crimes and atrocities on the Southern Cameroons people.

Following an investigation into the faces behind the burnings in Azi, Lebialem County by colonial soldiers caught red-handed on Camera, findings reveal that the terrorist soldier seen in the footage with a Blue helmet (mostly worn by UN Peacekeepers) and actively involved in setting the fire on homes in Azi Roundabout is truly a UN trained soldier. Our sources within the colonial military confirmed that the terrorist in blue helmet is not the only UN trained soldier among them.

“He was simply identified because he used his peacekeeping gadgets on that mission. There are many of them there in the anglophone regions who are UN trained” A Captain at the colonial ministry of defense told BaretaNews on condition of anonymity.

According to our sources, the terrorist fellow caught on Camera with the UN helmet is an Ambazonian born, from Lebialem County who understands the Lebialem terrain and had served as a guide to the colonial terrorists while in Lebialem County for their terrorizing and genocidal mission.

A closed and repeated watch at the Azi video by BaretaNews crew confirmed this narrative, as the fellow with blue helmet was over heard telling his terrorist colleague in pure Ambazonian pidgin English what they should do with the other sorounding houses.

Our sources explained that the overwhelming nature of the Ambazonian resistance is giving the colonial government in Yaounde sleepless nights and they have resolved to be sending mostly well trained and experienced colonial terrorists to the field.

Consequently, hundreds of LRC terrorist forces who served under the UN Integrated Multidimensional Mission for Stabilization in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), have been deployed to Biya’s battle field in Ambazonia.

It would therefore not be wrong to say that what these so-called UN trained peacekeepers who have decided to be terrorist forces are doing, is just a playback of what they learned in their mission to the Central African Republic – burnings, killing of innocent citizens and genocide.

Paradoxically, these so-called UN Peacekeepers were trained in accordance with United Nations standards and procedures with the support of the United States and charged to remain discipline in whatever circumstance.

One is therefore tempted to ask whether the razing down of villages, massacring of innocent civilians and looting of properties are part of United Nations’ peacekeeping Standards and Procedures?

As these rampaging UN trained terrorist forces from LRC continue with their genocidal mission in Ambazonia, under the watch and utter silence of the executive arm of the United Nations, the charity arm of the organization, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) must now take on its responsibilities in Ambazonia.

The razing of villages by the terrorists intensified over the weekend and the whole village of Munyenge and other neighboring villages in Muyuka Local Government of Fako County are down in ashes.

The number of Internally Displaced Persons is growing in thousands. Neighboring towns of Muyuka and Buea have been flooded with citizens from these burned down villages, as they search for new shelter.

If the UN cannot rise up to her responsibility to intervene and addressed the outstanding issues (the conflict falls squarely within UN jurisdiction), then the UNHCR, should at least step in and provide relief materials to these IDPs.

But one thing is certain; Ambazonians will not succumb to terror intimidation from dying Biya and his terrorist soldiers. The more villages they burn and the more citizens they kill, the more FREEDOM HUNGRY Ambalanders become. It is not by the absolute will and volition of the Ambazonian People. It is most importantly, by the Will of the Revolutionary Spirit and the Gods of Ambaland.



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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