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Point Of Order: We Must Unite Under Our Common Bond of Self Rule And Freedom



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Some people foolishly think that Federation can come now now now as if La Republique is ready to give you the federation. Let us be clear that La Republique is a beast. They release freedom only under blood and iron. They love power concentration. They know that with federation, power will rest with the people in a greater manner than Yaoundé. The notion that La Republique is thinking of Federation is a farce. Even the so called ten states federation they are not even thinking of it. Listen, La Republique has not even accepted Federation as the basis of dialogue, here we are killing ourselves over what it is not even close to their thoughts. Why are people knocking their heads and speaking as if Federation is a done deal? Are we supposed to be begging for Federation? Has La Republique offered us federation and we refused? Should they even give us that?

In the same light, all those thinking independence can come now now now are jokers. Even UK Brexit will take almost two years to be finally over but they have started the process now. Brexit is no just automatic. It is a whole process with deals etc. The same will be true for the restoration of independence. We must demand it and we know what to do to demand it. It is not only bla bla bla. The most important thing should be setting the foundation of independence. This is our call.

Therefore all crying babies who think that federation or restoration of independence can be given now now now now are jokers. It sucks when people start fighting over these opinions. It sucks when proponents of Federation think it can be gotten as ABC as if La Republique is ready to sit and talk on Federation. This is the truth: Both 2 states Federation or restoration of Independence are feasible and plausible in the nearest days, months or years. The only difference would be the degree of our actions. At most, in our current situation, both will follow the same but divergent path with different degree of actions. Therefore, there is no need for any to start chastising the other or mocking the other. Both proponents of both visions are bonded by the common dream of self-rule and freedom. The actions of proponents of independence will directly benefit those for federation because it will weight on the regime. Similarly, the actions of those of Federation will benefit those for independence by pushing them to work harder. These two group of persons should hold each other as they move not nagging like stubborn wives.

It is sickening reading always one group mocking and laughing the other and the other mocking and calling the other black legs. This does not help. We must respect and synergies our actions.

Just so we know, we have many countries who have separated peacefully without war especially when leaders of both camps show strength and good faith. Ours could follow the same path though looking at the African concept and western influence on African politics it becomes very difficult if we do not make sure that the conflict is escalated to disturb peace within the Cemac or West Africa zones.

Therefore at this stage of the struggle, we should only be synergising and helping each other. Enough of the attacks. The enemy is La Republique. The federalists should keep on attacking La Republique, the independentists should attack La Republique even harder so that La Republique becomes confused and don’t even know where to turn. Trust me, the end product will be beneficial to us only. Let us use our common bond for self-rule and freedom ( these are tenets of Federation and independence) to attack La Republique from all angles like never before instead of fighting each other, mocking and laughing each other, sabotaging and name calling. Let us begin setting the foundation to independence, it must not be direct but the structures must be solid to get us there.

I have spoken

Mark Bareta
From Bui/Manyu Counties
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals.

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