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A Citizen Writes To BaretaNews: The Washington DC Resolutions Are Holy Spirit Led



Interim Government of Buea

Letter to Mark Bareta- BaretaNews

Dear Mark, the revolutionary stabilizer, good morning boss. I just finished reading the “permanent” collaboration MoU from the Washington Conference by frontline revolutionary leaders. I must say that this is prayer answered for BaretaNews- the people’s platform and all good intentioned revolutionary Southern Cameroonians.

Congratulations to all the Ambazonian people of good conscience and geniune revolutionary fighters for standing like a bone in the neck of these leaders to finally reach this PERMANENT collaborative platform. Congratulations to all the leaders, especially those of the Interim Government (IG) with the largest following for putting the people above any other interest and submitting themselves to this new arrangement. This has further rekindle my confidence in them as those who have our full interest on GZ at heart.

This lofty achievement could only have happened thanks Holy Spirit inspiration to a God fearing Dr. Fontem Neba, one of the key initiators of this movement in 2016, who has abandoned his Professorial career and his students in the University of Buea to travel to the USA for the greater good of the 8 million Southern Cameroonians. Congratulations my able Prof Fontem (But Prof, know that your postgraduate students and supervisees in particular are lamenting your absence).

Now let me state why ALL Southern Cameroonians and leaders MUST support and be part of this THE COUNCIL.

Firstly, it has come to being through the initiative and mediation of some one who represented the academic and intelectual class in GZ since the beginning of this movement in 2016 and has stubbornly remained uncompromised by Yaounde even after incaceration in Kondengue. By implication, it can be said that it’s GZ that has come to the diaspora to mediate and establish a permanent collaborative platform.

Consequently, any leader who rejects or pulls out of this this platform shall not be seen as fighting for Ambazonia. He or She shall by such rejection be telling GZ that they were wrong to have started this movement and are still wrong to be holding the Yaounde regime by it “Kanas” uptil today.

At about 5:30 AM today sunday, a dear brother with whom I slept on the same bed woke me up to explain a dream he had about the revolution. He told me he now beleives what I use to tell him that the international community is diplomatically backing Southern Cameroons independence. And when I asked why he said so, he told me that in a clear dream which he considers more has a vision, he saw the US President Donald Trump offering financial support to Southern Cameroons leaders in the Diaspora. I told him that can only be possible if America is certain that all the leaders now speak one language. After getting up from bed at 9:00 AM, the first notification I got from Facebook was the post by the BaretaNews platform announcing the MoU from the Washington Conference.

Please let’s all FULLY SUPPORT THE COUNCIL. IT DOESN’T ONLY HAVE THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE AND GZ IN PARTICULAR, IT HAS THE SUPPORT OF INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, ESPECIALLY THE USA AND ABOVE ALL, IT HAS THE SUPPORT OF GOD ALMIGHTY. It is simply a fulfilment of one of the revolutionary prophecies that leaders of Southern Cameroons shall finally come together and speak the same language on the way forward for the revolution. IF YOU DOUBT ME, JUST WATCH AND SEE.

Happy Sunday.

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