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Southern Cameroons Liberation Council Is A Great Opportunity For Us, Give Us A Chance- Acting President Sako Samuel



Fellow Ambazonians,

The leaders of the nationalist organisations and I are coming together to coordinate specific affairs of our revolution in diverse degrees and domains. Neccessity is laid upon us at this very critical time when the signs and symptoms of the victory we have all laboured for almost six decades is eminent.

The high-speed evolution of our revolution that started in late 2016 presents us with lessons that must be learned. Irrespective of what our individual perspectives and/or perceptions may be, the noteworthiness of this coordination, brings order in our revolution, reduces unnecessary waste, fosters the highly recommended unity of purpose and projects a responsible image of Ambazonia to the international community.

SCLC brings to us another great chance for us to demonstrate that we can collectively and maturely take responsibility for our people, manifest to the world that we are ready to lead ourselves without any potential of chaos in a free Ambazonia. This to me, is the greatness of our nation Ambazonia.

My Dear People,

Give us the opportunity to be brothers once again. Before the positions, ranks and offices we now occupy came to play, we were all sons and daughters of one mother Ambazonia with one plight. The issues that bring us together outway those petty things that set us apart. We either start learning how to work together, or the moment will come when we will all be needed to make one single decision for our people and it will be difficult for one person to even place a simple call to the other. The gains of collectivism outweighs every principle of individualism.

I must mention, that there’s such a thing as verbal and non-verbal communications. Suddenly, those whom many thought couldn’t talk to each other, are now gradually becoming super excited to think and to execute together. We should not be so afraid of fellow brothers than we do with even strangers.
Any other narrative out there trying to ridicule the laudable efforts of your leaders should be flushed to the drain, we are wiser and better now than before.
There has never been any harm to gather with the intention of speaking one language for the benefit of our people. We denounce any negative energy, and with your support, promise to expedite our quest for freedom.

We have heard all your concerns and we have taken them into consideration. It was our mistake to have allowed the memorandum of understanding-MOU document still under review to go out. It was premature and we apologize for the misconception it might have brought to some few. When building a house you can put and remove, observe some of the things and make re-adjustments to arrive at your desired castle. We hope to make this one beautiful, at least to the taste of all patriotic Ambazonians.

One thing I would love you to understand in conclusion, is that, this IG has not just received the mandate of the people, your IG is THE PEOPLE. That is why we are rushing from all the corners of the world into Germany for the ASSC-BERLIN 2019 starting from the 11th to the 14th of this month of April, not only to systematically establish that bond between the Ambazonian people and their Interim Government in the concept of shared governance, but most importantly to SYNCRETIZE our master plan for Ground Zero.

Tonight, I will hopefully be on ABC Amba TV with some of our nationalist leaders to give briefings on the just ended Washington Conference. We are told by the TV management that Secretary Chris Anu will be our host. Hope to have you on live, 7:00pm Amba Time.

Long live Ambazonia
Short live the war

God Bless You
And May God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

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