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Solomon Amabo, one of Cameroon’s finest Journalist and social activist is reporting that Cameroon’s lone National Oil Refinery Cooperation, SONARA has awarded a contract worth 56.236. 396 million Frs CFA (some $112000) to a Douala-based Toys Center Sarl.



On his blog Solomon wrote: ” An award of contract notification dated September 19 2016, from the Director General of SONARA, Ibrahim Talba Malla, gave the supplying company two months to deliver the toys. Though it is not precise which event SONARA would be hosting with toys worth some 56 million frs cfa, it is suspected that it is in preparation for the end of year festivities. As the publication of the tender went round social media, a heavy debate was sparked off on how a company in a country hit by unemployment, lack of energy and water and roads could be spending such an amount for toys”


Solomon wondered and questioned what SONARA has done for the city of Limbe where it is based. He went on to say that Cape Limbo cannot boast of roads, portable water and or a health facility erected by Sonara.

How many Anglophones are working with SonarSONARA ,” fumed a chief of Limbe I subdivision who preferred not to be named. Other compatriots argued that it was important to observe that petroleum companies have certain standards when it comes to the treatment of its workers- writes Solomon.

BaretaNews is shocked to learn of this. At a time patients are protesting for lack of hospital machines to take care of their health, yet SONARA is spending millions on Workers toy. Cameroun will not seize to surprise us.

Sonara was created on March 23, 1973 and now has a capital worth 23 billion frs cfa.


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