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24 Years After Buea Anglophone Conference: The Time is NOW



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Dibussi Tande, Cameroon prolific writer writes:

April 2, 1993: 5,000 delegates from the 13 divisions of the Northwest and Southwest provinces gather in Mount Mary, Buea, for the All Anglophone Conference (AAC1). At the end of the conference, the delegates adopt the Buea Declaration which states among other things that:

1. The imposition of the unitary state on Anglophone Cameroon in 1972 was unconstitutional, illegal, and a breach of faith.
2. That the only redress adequate to right the wrongs done to Anglophone Cameroon and its people since the imposition of the unitary state is a return to the original Form of Government of the reunified Cameroon.
3. To this end, all Cameroonians of Anglophone heritage are committed to working for the restoration of a federal constitution and a federal form of government which takes cognizance of the bicultural nature of Cameroon and under which citizens shall be protected against such violations as have hereabove been enumerated.
4. The survival of Cameroon in Peace and harmony depends upon the attainment of this objective towards which all patriotic Cameroonians, francophones as well as Anglophones, should relentlessly work.
We, the people of Anglophone Cameroon, convinced of the justice of our cause and relying firmly on the protection of the almighty God do hereby, in support of this declaration and in pursuit of the objectives therein set out, mutually pledge to each other, OUR LIVES, WELLBEING, PROPERTY, CAREERS AND FREEDOM.

BaretaNews writes:

24 years ago “Anglophones” met in a conference in Buea and demanded a return to the two-state federation. The year after the government didn’t respond, SCNC and several liberation movements were born afterward all declaring independence. 24 years after we are again at the same spot probably reinventing the wheels. One could conclude that the government has shown bad faith continuously.

The good news is that 24 years after, the story is different. We have come of age.24 years after most of us were still in primary schools, some not yet born, others in secondary and high school. This is our moment and this moment has been ordained by God. The android generation is in charge. Continue calling and texting home. So help us, God.

Mark Bareta.
Bui County Southern Cameroons
God is still saying something
Photo credit: Dibussi Tande

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