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Shame on you so-called elites, fons and chiefs! For some time now, we have observed as criminal money has overran the peoples’ culture. Because money has become the standard measuring rod in this country, the society has sold out its cherished ethical values. It is shameful that chiefs ad fons who were custodians of these things are the first culprits. Ways of gaining money have been eased up such that no questions are asked of how one gets the money he displays unto society.This deeply contrasts with what obtained in the Southern Cameroons of our forebears where profound checks were carried out on any riches any member of the society flaunted. The noble court judgments were a ready weapon the Southern Cameroons society used to curtail the acquisition of ill-wealth. Then, it was unheard of that any Southern Cameroonian should espouseunlawful means to obtain capital.But LRC’s crooked habits have invaded the Southern Cameroons and negatively transformed the moral landscape as the adoration of cash and illegitimate affluence has swept our decent values away.

The image of the brain drained chief in town with loads of coins to spend has collapsed the entire society into the grips of the illicitly LRC political kleptocrats. Because with these illegal riches, one takes imposing control of all aspects of the community, it is all too evident that no one takes that long and honest road to success but cuts corners to make money and claim a top spot in the society. This we have seen in people leaving prisons conditionally to engage in such practices. This cancer has virtually permeated not only political and business lines, it has recently invaded religious and traditional palaces of the Southern Cameroon society. It has afflicted these zones and ensured that the Southern Cameroons reaps a basketful of anomies that threaten not only the foundation of the Ambazonian State but the complete edifice of our leadership.

If you want to live in denial or in doubt, look at the lawyers ofFako and their invisible drum-players – and we know those invisible guys who are playing the drum in the bush and the lawyers are dancing at the market square. This is disastrous and foretells a terrible scenario for the future of the Southern Cameroons if we do not stem these heavy tides. If lawyers begin to engage in such nefarious activities what happens with that age old saying of theirs that ‘Lawyers are for only what is right’?Ambazonia must return to that golden era of placing moral principles on the pinnacle of the Ambazonian State. We must take strategic steps to end this bizarre philosophy of daylight burglary if we don’t want to end up reducing Ambaland to a theater for such bleeding spectacles as we saw recently. In endorsing this moral rebirth, in determining to halt this lunacy, we must realize that indeed, it is an act-or-die obligation and the disadvantages of not acting are calamitous.

The Southern Cameroon genocide should serve as a wakeup call for our people that there is fire on the mountain. It is a reminder that our homeland is in dire need of its own government, parliament and the judiciary. It is a reminder that our people are in dire need of freedom, which can only come from returning to the ancient values that prize integrity, honesty, tolerance and justice. In fact, the Southern Cameroons massacre kindles a take-action-or-perish determination all Southern Cameroonians must follow or be ready for an expansion of such blood-spattered dramas all over our beloved land.

I am not a mouse; and no hole entraps me. I am a person with a kingly state; it is unchallenged. ‘Why take it on yourself to write on such dangerous things when you can be relaxed in comfortable priestly calm enjoying the goodies clerical ease can afford in a world so troubled with want and misery? Who are you to take a stance unlikely to wed with the Established order as you have done some time ago?’ I respond to myself that my deep-seated temperament when faced with optimal moral questions is incorrigible non-conformism. I will not – even if a thousand church ministers do – sell out to the oppressor-bully. Once on the right side of history, I don’t care the damn! If I can be a linchpin to the struggle for the liberation of an afflicted, beleaguered and oppressed people, AMEN!

Fr. Gerald Jumbam


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