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UB Vice Chancellor recognises Failed academic year as he calls on students to suspend Studies







UB Vice Chancellor recognises Failed academic year as he partially calls on students to suspend

The administration of the University of Buea, appears to be gradually coming to terms with the fact that the last academic was a sham and a year of confusion. Consequently, taking the year into consideration will be further destroying an already bastardized system. In a recent circular, the VC, Prof Horace Ngome Manga, called on students to suspend studies due to the political unrest in Southern Cameroons

It is important to note that the University fell into the revolutionary fever in November, 2016, when students staged a peaceful strike on campus based on legitimate grievances and in solidarity with their teachers who had joined the Southern Cameroons teachers strike. The former Vice Chancellor, Dr. Nalova Lyonga in her characteristic manner of high handedness, invited colonial troops on campus who maimed and raped students, and even chased them right into their hostels. Many were arrested and tortured in detention centers while some were ferried to the Yaoundé Central prison in LRC.

That’s how the university fully joined the struggle and all attempts to bring back students on campus yielded very insignificant results. The three months internet blackout further compounded the situation as very few students and mostly from La Republique du Cameroun could be seen on campus, with some lecturers teaching them under compulsion and threats from the government and university administration.

It was only the sacking and retirement of the former VC that saw a few more students returned to campus. Asking students to suspend the academic therefore is long overdue, given that the world is aware that schools have not been on in Southern Cameroons since November, 2016.

However, the call for suspension of the academic seems not to be for all the students. From every indication, the university in tends to recognise and validate the sham examinations that were written, especially by LRC students during the said period. If the university is validating such examinations from which certifications shall be granted in December, then there is no need asking students who did not participate to suspend the school year. By this, they are indirectly saying that the school year, especially for undergraduate students was smooth, and whoever was not coming to school has himself to be blamed. This is a contradiction of the instructions for students to suspend the academic year on grounds of the sociopolitical crisis.

This is part of the politicisation of the higher education system by the colonial government that BaretaNews has often decried. The university is under pressure from Yaoundé to validate an ineffective academic session with mostly Francophone students and then graduate them by December, while at the same time recognizing the fact that the academic year was marred by sociopolitical unrest.

The University, of recent was also rocked by the fake certificate scandal of the colonial Mayor for Buea, Ekema Patrick. For more than four months, the university authorities have suspiciously claimed to still be investigating the matter, a matter that would have been sorted out after a week of investigation. For how long will it take the University to ascertain if the Ordinary and Advance level certificates Mr. Ekema used to gain admissions for a Bachelor and maters degree were fake or genuine? And if there were faked, who admitted him with the fake certificates?

While they continue to play politics with the matter, it is the believe of BaretaNews that the Federal Government of Ambazonia, upon taken over Buea shall render justice to the matter and purge the once a Place to Be of political maneuvering and destruction of quality standards by successive politically inclined administrations.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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