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Colonial Gendarmerie Post Closed In Ikiliwindi As Villagers Try Cases In Local Government Courts








For over two weeks now, the doors of the colonial gendarmerie post remain totally closed in Ikiliwindi village in the outskirt of Kumba, Meme County of Southern Cameroons. Villagers since October 2 2017, have been seeking for solutions to their village problems at the local government courts. Their refusal to use the judicial system of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), is further exacerbated in their firm resolution not to sell, food, drinks or come to the aid of any representative of LRC in the area

This new form of administration has sent a strong message to the colonial forces who have eventually deserted the area, for fear of their own lives. According to a retired police officer residing in Ikiliwindi, Ekongwese Simon the decision to close the Ikiliwindi gendarmerie post was eminent, giving the refusal of the population to try their cases to the brigade.

“I saw this coming. The place was no longer secured for those security officers. Since October 1, the population no longer go near the gendarmerie post. They try their cases in their newly formed court and pass on judgements by themselves. They don’t even sell to the gendarmes who come to buy food or beer. I knew very well that after cutting their supply of money and also refusing to sell to them, those gendarmes could not stay here for long. I knew they will all run away,” Ekongwesse indicated.

Ikiliwindi became one of the centres of attraction in Southern Cameroons, following the peaceful demonstration on September 22, and October 1 2017. Five persons were reportedly killed and score arrested by the gendarmes. The population had launched a separate protest to get all those arrested freed, and threatened to burn to ashes, the gendarmerie post.

Villagers poured anger on the commander of the gendarmerie post who allegedly fired bullets on peaceful protesters. His house and all livestock farm was shattered and the house occupants driven away. The said Beti commander haven been tipped on the eminent village row, fled into the wild.

The new commander of the Ekiliwindi brigade has pleaded in vain for the population to bury hatchets and once again breed new life in the village. His reconciliation message have fallen on deaf ears, with the population sending death signals to the gendarmes.

The sprawling village of Ikiliwindi located along the Kumba-Mamfe axis is one of the few villages in Southern Cameroons who have boycotted all judicial proceedings of LRC. They are resolute on carrying out their activities without seeking for authority from the illegal occupiers. Ikiliwindi’s local government court comes to complement the efforts of the Lebialem people who have also resolved to carry out all their judicial proceedings at their local base.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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