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Exclusive: Mystical Intruder Gives Okalia Bilai Warning Letter In His Living Room








If there has ever been a day colonial Governor of Southern Zone, Bernard Okalia, Bilai, met face-to-face with death, then Thursday March 1, 2018, was that day.

According to a very authoritative source at the colonial Governor’s Buea Town residence, Okalia Bilai sweated his life as he came head-on with a secret delivery guy, right in his living room. He told BaretaNews that Okalia Bilai is yet to recover from the shock.

As the story goes, Okalia Bilai was watching the late night news in his house, when all of a sudden, someone appeared and delivered a note to him. The adrenaline flow that petrified him, forced him to be speechless for all that long.

The source indicated that they only got Okalia screamed several minutes after the intruder had purportedly disappeared.

“We got a loud noise from Okalia’s living room, speaking in French that thorough search be carried out in his entire compound. Extra lights were borrowed from the Buea Town stadium and planted in his compound. Yet, no one was seen but the governor and his family, plus the college of soldiers guarding him. We only saw him with a note, said someone came and gave him. I strongly believe the intruder used black magic,” the source told BaretaNews.

Though no one but Okalia and his cohorts, know the content of the letter, it is highly speculated that the letter was a note of warning to Okalia and his état-major, to be on their guard. The planned abduction of all colonial living forces in Buea is imminent.

At least for once, Okalia Bilai, remained helpless in his own pool of sweat as his colonial soldiers could not protect him. He now knows that with out without the army guarding him, his life can be taken at anytime.

The information is coming at a time an anonymous caller had sent dangerous signals to the colonial forces, through one of the staff of the fake news, CRTV.

It should be noted that ever since Okalia Bilai got that letter, he immediately evacuated his family to Douala. Sources say, Okalia now lives and work from Douala.

Affaire a suivre

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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