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BUSTED: LRC’s Ploy To Use GBHS Kosala Murder Case Against Ambazonians Exposed








It came like a ballistic missile, Wednesday April 25 2018, when news broke out that the Senior Discipline Master (SDM), of the Government High School (GBHS), Ashu Thomas Nkongho, had been shot dead on campus. He was shot through the right eye by unknown gunmen, in an attack that also saw the left arm of a female student, cut off.

As predictable as it could be, the beggarly Camerounese regime, took to the press, linking the attack to atrocities caused by the Ambazonian Defence forces (ADF). According to cooked information dished out through its sycophantic news outlets, it was stated clear that the Ambazonian forces are compared to the Boko Haram insurgents who all advocate for no school.

Clearly enough, the motive of la Republique du Cameroun (LRC), was and is to pain a very bleak picture of the Ambazonian struggle, so it can command some support from the international community. It attempted (in vain) to paint the Ambazonian forces as abductors so it can harmonise the international definition of a Terrorist. Unfortunately, that information was busted by the same tourists, whom LRC had blatantly lied that they were kidnapped.

This recent incident of the killing of a secondary school teacher on campus, comes to expose LRC’s malicious intentions in painting the Ambazonian struggle, black.

Who killed the GBHS Kosala Teacher?

Ashu Thomas Nkongho, deceased SDM of GBHS Kosala

A woman whose identity is yet to be known linked her husband, Atina Clement (Bulu-LRC extraction), to the GBHS Kosala murder incident. According to sources, the woman who’s said to own a Provision Shop at the Kosala Junction amongst the business buildings constructed by the Kumba II Council, has on Thursday April 26, 2018 reported her husband to the police as the author of the shooting to death of the SDM GBHS, Kosala – Kumba.

According to information, the woman went to the police in evening of Wednesday April 25. 2018 and complained that the husband has been accusing her of having an affair with the deceased. She also reportedly said that the husband has beaten her on several occasions with the lasted being on the night of Tuesday April 24, 2018 in which he’s promised to kill the purported lover the next morning.

It would be too much of a coincidence that the following morning; Wednesday April 25, 2018 at about 7:30AM, in a school as populated as GBHS Kosala in Kumba II Sub-Division, Meme Division, South West, only Ashu Thomas Nkongho would be shot dead by unknown men. To make matters worse, the woman confessed to the police that on Wednesday morning after the incident, her husband returned home with two unidentified men on a bike.

As we write, the man, who’s married with four children to same woman now implicating him is currently being held at the Kumba Central Police Station. Reports also indicate the woman pleaded for protective custody. It has also been revealed that the suspect and the deceased lived in same neighbourhood; behind Hope Clinic, Kosala.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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